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Howo, Sitrak, CNHTC Steyr, Hania, Homan dump trucks, tractors and cargo trucks (China)


Sinotruk Hohan

The Sinotruk Hohan vehicles (dump trucks (tipper trucks), tractor units, box van trucks, cargo trucks, stake trucks, concrete mixer trucks (cement mixers), and truck chassis etc.) are made in China by the following companies:

Dump truck

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Tractor unit

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Dangerous goods transport tractor unit

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Container transport tractor unit

Container carrier vehicle

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Box van truck

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Soft top box van truck

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Wing van truck

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Cargo truck

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Stake truck

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Refrigerated truck

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Truck chassis

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Special purpose vehicle chassis

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Jining Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (China)
Engine:D10.34-40; D10.38-40Axles:4
Power (kW):249; 276Number of tyres:12
Gross weight (kg):38000Overall (mm):10805 × 2496 × 3075/3…
Wheelbase (mm):1800+3800+1350Curb weight (kg):9800
Tires:11.00-20, 11.00R20, 1…Overhang (mm):1550/2305
Axle loads (kg):7000/7000/24000 Leaf springs:4/4/-, 4/4/5, 4/4/12,…
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Truck mounted loader crane chassis

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Jining Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (China)
Engine:D10.34-50; D10.38-50Axle loads (kg):6500/7000/17500
Power (kW):249; 276Axles:4
Fuel:diesel fuelNumber of tyres:12
Gross weight (kg):31000Overall (mm):11925 × 2496 × 3210
Wheelbase (mm):2150+4250+1350, 2150+Curb weight (kg):10740
Tires:11.00R20, 12.00R20 16…Overhang (mm):1550/2625, 1550/2600
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Van truck chassis

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Jining Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (China)
Engine:MC07.31-50; MC07.34-50Axle loads (kg):6500/11500
Power (kW):228; 248Axles:2
Fuel:diesel fuelNumber of tyres:6
Gross weight (kg):18000Overall (mm):8850/9050/9250/9450 ×…
Wheelbase (mm):6400, 6800Curb weight (kg):5700
Tires:10.00R20, 11.00R20, 1…Overhang (mm):1350/1100, 1550/1100
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Special purpose vehicle

Road and bridge construction vehicle

Concrete mixer

Concrete mixer truck
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