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Howo, Sitrak, CNHTC Steyr, Hania, Homan dump trucks, tractors and cargo trucks (China)


Sinotruk Howo

The Sinotruk Howo vehicles (dump trucks (tipper trucks), cargo trucks, tractor units, box van trucks, stake trucks, box van trucks with soft canopy top, and concrete mixer trucks (cement mixers) etc.) are made in China by the following companies:

Dump truck

  • Sinotruk Howo dump trucks
  • Chassis: ZZ3087F341CE183
  • Engine: ISF2.8s5148T; ISF3.8s5141; ISF3.8s5154
  • Capacity: 4250, 4185, 3860, 3795 kg
  • Cargo body: 4150/3850 × 500/550/700 × 2050/2150…
  • Gross weight: 8280 kg
  • Wheelbase: 3280, 3360 mm
  • Curb weight: 3900, 4290 kg
  • Axle loads: 3000/5280 kg
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Methanol/diesel dual fuel dump truck

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Jinan Truck Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:ZZ3317N4667D1MCurb weight (kg):15500
Capacity (kg):15370Overhang (mm):1500/1990, 1500/2100,…
Cargo body (mm):8000/8200/8500 × 970 ×…Speed (km/h):80
Gross weight (kg):31000  
Axle loads (kg):6500/7000/17500   
Overall (mm):11240/11350/11550 × 2…  
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Mining dump truck

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:ZZ3317M38E7WAxle loads (kg):7000/24000
Engine:WD615.87 / WD615.87Axles:4
Power (kW):213 / 213Overall (mm):9960 × 2496 × 3170/33…
Cargo body (mm):7000 × 2300 × 1200/15…Curb weight (kg):15300, 15500
Gross weight (kg):31000Overhang (mm):1500/1935
Wheelbase (mm):3825+1350+1350Seating capacity:2
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Off-road dump truck

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:ZZ3257N3657C1DGross weight (kg):25000
Engine:WD615.95C; WD615.96CWheelbase (mm):3600+1400
Power (kW):249; 279Tires:14.00R20
Fuel:diesel fuelAxle loads (kg):7500/8600/8900
Capacity (kg):12450Axles:3
Cargo body (mm):5000 × 1300 × 2300Number of tyres:6
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Tractor unit

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Dangerous goods transport tractor unit

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Container transport tractor unit

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Container carrier vehicle

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Methanol/diesel dual fuel tractor unit

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Jinan Truck Co., Ltd. (China)
Engine:D10.31-40M; D10.34-40MTires:315/80R22.5 16PR, 295…
Power (kW):228; 249Axle loads (kg):7000/18000
Fuel:diesel fuel / methanol…Axles:3
Fifth wheel (kg):15070, 15005Number of tyres:10
Gross weight (kg):25000Overall (mm):6800 × 2496 × 3125/37…
Wheelbase (mm):3225+1350, 3200+1400Curb weight (kg):9800
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Off-road vehicle

Off-road truck

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Cross-country box van truck

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:ZZ2047F342CD143Gross weight (kg):4495
Engine:ISF2.8s4129V; ISF2.8s…Wheelbase (mm):3360
Power (kW):96; 96; 105; 105; 115;…Tires:7.00R16LT 8PR, 7.50R1…
Fuel:diesel fuelAxle loads (kg):1790/2705
Capacity (kg):680Axles:2
Cargo body (mm):4150/3850 × 2050/2150…Number of tyres:6
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Cargo truck

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Light truck

Pickup truck

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:ZZ1037D301PD5Gross weight (kg):2505
Engine:JE493ZLQ4CBWheelbase (mm):3025
Power (kW):75Tires:215/75R15, P215/75R15
Fuel:diesel fuelAxle loads (kg):1050/1455
Capacity (kg):480Axles:2
Cargo body (mm):1380 × 475 × 1460Number of tyres:4
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Special truck

Truck mounted loader crane
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Box van truck

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Soft top box van truck

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Wing van truck

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Electric cargo van

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (China)
Chassis:ZZ1077F3414Z174BEVGross weight (kg):7360
Engine:TZ310XS-MFM60G01Wheelbase (mm):3360
Power (kW):100Tires:7.00R16LT, 7.50R16LT,…
Fuel:only electric power (…Axle loads (kg):2640/4720
Capacity (kg):3360Axles:2
Cargo body (mm):3850/4150 × 1750/1850…Number of tyres:6
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Stake truck

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Off-road stake truck

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Refrigerated truck

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Truck chassis

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Special purpose vehicle chassis

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Dump truck chassis

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Fire truck chassis

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Van truck chassis

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Electric truck chassis

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (China)
Engine:TZ310XS-MFM60G01Axle loads (kg):2640/4720
Power (kW):100Axles:2
Fuel:only electric power (…Number of tyres:6
Gross weight (kg):7360Overall (mm):5895 × 2080/2180 × 24…
Wheelbase (mm):3360Curb weight (kg):3200
Tires:7.00R16LT, 7.50R16LT,…Overhang (mm):1160/1375
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Oilfield special vehicle chassis

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Engine:MC13.48-40Axle loads (kg):12000/12000/31000
Power (kW):356Axles:4
Fuel:diesel fuelNumber of tyres:12
Gross weight (kg):55000Overall (mm):12648 × 2800 × 3310
Wheelbase (mm):1950+5650+1450Curb weight (kg):20500
Tires:15.5R20/12.00R24Overhang (mm):1578/2020
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Off-road truck chassis

Manufacturer:Sinotruk Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Engine:MC11.36-40Axle loads (kg):7000/18000
Power (kW):268Axles:3
Fuel:diesel fuelNumber of tyres:6
Gross weight (kg):25000Overall (mm):10068 × 2496 × 3300
Wheelbase (mm):4600+1400Curb weight (kg):10800
Tires:14.00R20Overhang (mm):1578/2490
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Special purpose vehicle

Road and bridge construction vehicle

Concrete mixer

Concrete mixer truck
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  • Sinotruk Howo
  • Haowo
  • Haoluo